Slide With Intention

We get it.

Slide In Their DMs isn't for everybody. You're a single Black professional who is ready to mix and mingle but not on Front Street. You want to know more than age/sex/location before making the first move. Yeah, he or she is cute but do we have similar interests?

We hear you.

Introducing Slide With Intention, the latest brainchild of I DON'T DO CLUBS® Founder, MUST LOVE BEARDS® Creator, and Slide In Their DMs Architect, Genese Jamilah. The first part of this innovative matchmaking program is for single men to complete our dating profile form. Yes men not women. We know ladies want to jump right in but this time it's men first.

So men, click HERE and complete your profile.

If enough men complete dating profiles, we will allow women to create theirs. Based on your answers, we will email your potential matches' Instagram names and corresponding confirmation codes (so you know the matches were created by I DON'T DO CLUBS®). It will be on you to slide in each other's DMs and make the magic happen. We cannot force anyone to respond or communicate with you.

Special thank you to @tiabrowntalks, @richgear, @kennyfahim, @whos_tristan, @some_say_khalid, @dj_pollux_star, @man_he_phresh, @michael_morrow, and @mrspradley who provide invaluable feedback on this project. 

Questions? Keep them. We will not answer any additional questions for Slide With Intention. You have to release control and trust that I DON'T DO CLUBS® knows what we're doing.