Accountability Agency

2018 is basically over. Did you accomplished your goals? No?

Didn’t you take that class? Attend that conference? How about that kit your favorite influencer was selling? Those didn’t help?

Brace yourself.

You’re the reason you haven’t succeeded. Don’t get offended. Most of us have the tools but don’t know how to implement them. Maybe you need help? Like an accountability coach.

An accountability coach holds you responsible for meeting your deadlines and achieving your dreams. I DON’T DO CLUBS Founder Genese Jamilah created the Accountability Agency, a company that offers 14-day guided accountability coaching programs that foster consistent elevation in your personal and professional lives.

The Monday, January 14, 2019 – Monday, January 28, 2019 session will offer the below programs:

Consistent Content Creation

Event Creation & Promotion

Increasing Your Social Circle

Visit to begin the application process.

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