Reasons You Need an Accountability Coach

You bought the domain. Set up the social media. Took the headshots. Attended the conference. Told your friends and family.

But you didn’t build the website. You haven’t posted in weeks. Only your dog has seen your headshots. That conference gave you motivation but not tools. And your village is tired of your sh*t.

So who’s to blame? Your parents? Your ex-boyfriend (or ex-girlfriend)? Your boss? The snow? The slow wi-fi? Trump? Kanye?


The reason you haven’t achieved YOUR GOALS is YOU! Yes, YOU haven’t dedicated the time. YOU haven’t dedicated the energy. YOU haven’t dedicated the resources to YOUR NEXT CHAPTER.

Yes, I know you’ve tried. But almost doesn’t count. Your way hasn’t worked. You must try something new, like an accountability coach.

An accountability coach will…

  1. Create a plan
  2. Help you stay focused
  3. Give you honest feedback
  4. Keep you motivated
  5. Help you feel less overwhelmed
  6. Highlight your blind spots
  7. Root for you

If you’re ready to make your dreams a reality with the help of an accountability coach, sign up for the Accountability Agency HERE.

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