200 Events Every Black Professional Should Attend This November

Can you believe that 2018 is almost over? Have you completed all your goals, like meeting new people? Well, we’re here to help! Check out our top event picks for Black professionals this November. ATLANTA BOSTON CHARLOTTE DALLAS HOUSTON LOS ANGELES NEW YORK CITY PHILADELPHIA RALEIGH-DURHAM WASHINGTON, DC *Promoters cannot pay to be featured on these lists. Read More

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245 Events Every Black Professional Should Attend This August
best summer events for black people

Summer is winding down. Did you do THE MOST? No? We can help! Check out our top event picks for Black professionals in this August. ATLANTA idontdoclubs.biz/2018/07/28/best-atlanta-events-for-black-professionals-august-2018 BOSTON idontdoclubs.biz/2018/07/30/best-boston-events-for-black-professionals-august-2018 CHARLOTTE idontdoclubs.biz/2018/07/31/best-charlotte-events-for-black-professionals-august-2018 CHICAGO idontdoclubs.biz/2018/07/28/best-chicago-events-for-black-professionals-august-2018 DALLAS idontdoclubs.biz/2018/07/26/best-dallas-events-for-black-professionals-august-2018 HOUSTON idontdoclubs.biz/2018/07/30/best-houston-events-for-black-professionals-august-2018 NEW ORLEANS idontdoclubs.biz/2018/07/26/best-new-orleans-events-for-black-professionals-august-2018 NEW YORK CITY idontdoclubs.biz/2018/07/27/best-nyc-brooklyn-events-for-black-professionals-august-2018 PHILADELPHIA idontdoclubs.biz/2018/07/31/best-philadelphia-events-for-black-professionals-august-2018 RALEIGH-DURHAM idontdoclubs.biz/2018/07/31/best-raleigh-durham-events-for-black-professionals-august-2018 WASHINGTON, DC idontdoclubs.biz/2018/07/27/best-dc-events-for-black-professionals-august-2018 *Promoters cannot pay to Read More

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35 Spring Events Every Young Black Professional Should Attend
spring events for black professionals

Daylight savings, open toe shoes, and the return of outdoor parties, yup that’s spring! I’ve spent the last few weeks selecting the best events for young Black professionals to attend Tuesday, March 20, 2018 – Thursday, June 21, 2018. Save these dates, assemble your crew, and prepare to be entertained! Trap Karaoke in Chicago, IL Read More

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